ACA Briefing Notes and Letter Template – February 19, 2019

There has been lots of talk around the ACA, the Accessible Canada Act.
The letter below was received as we were part of the working group that put this plan of action together. Everyone is encouraged to take the time to read the nine short briefing notes on the areas that were in the open letter the Coalition signed to better understand what has to happen to make the ACA actually work for us and not become a bureaucratic mess.
These are the same issues that were put forward by many organizations to the HUMA committee before 3rd reading. That is the committee made up of MP’s to look at any new legislation.
The legislation has now gone onto the Senate committee before it is made into law. That committee has the power to make changes and send it back to Parliament to vote on the changes. This is our last chance. 95 organizations across Canada signed onto the open letter to the Minister and Prime Minister and this is the followup to that and an opportunity to try and make the Senate make the changes to the Act we need to make it work for us.
We are planning a conference call soon to discuss them and answer questions anyone may have.
We would like to thank ARCH, the Disability Law Centre for their endless hard work on defining the issues and working so diligently on behalf of all of us in Canada and writing these nine briefing notes, as well as the template letters.
Please also feel free to go over their submissions regarding the ACA last year and their analysis regarding the move away from Human Rights language into standards thinking. This is a very serious departure from our goals and work on Human Rights and something we all need to understand and fight back on. Any questions or thoughts can be sent to
Dear colleagues,
You are receiving this note because you (or your organization) signed an Open Letter calling for amendments to Bill C-81, the “Accessible Canada Act,” late last year. If you prefer not to receive more correspondence just let us know and we will remove your email address from the mailing list.
We wanted to provide you with a further update to Steve Estey’s email sent to you over a week ago. ARCH has developed a series of short briefing notes connected to each of the nine proposed amendments that were set out in the Open Letter. The briefing notes are available in both English and French. ARCH has also prepared a template letter in both official languages that you may wish to use in your advocacy efforts. These materials are available on ARCH’s website in accessible RTF and accessible PDF formats.
We also encourage you to exchange your views on the Google group.
We hope that these materials provide some assistance to you in your advocacy efforts as we all work towards a stronger and effective Accessible Canada Act.
Warmest regards,
Roberto Lattanzio, B.A., LL.B., B.C.L.
Executive Director
ARCH Disability Law Centre
55 University Avenue, 15th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2H7